Tiles Production Process

We are very particular at the selection of raw material of Ceramic Tiles. Our product is manufactured using pure, selective raw materials mixed using the most advanced extraction and sorting techniques. After the wet grinding process in ball mills, a spray dryer removes the excess moisture from the mixture until the perfect consistency is reached before the mixture is moved into a press. The next phase is pressing this fine dust with limited moisture.

Now, the mixture is pressed to form the tile. Each size and shape of available ceramic tiles use a special punch to create the body of the tile, called Greenware. Greenware is the term used for tiles that have not been glazed or fired. Prior to that step, the raw materials are placed in a dryer to remove moisture, readying the tiles for the next step. After the tiles have dried, the next step is to add the pattern and colours using a state-of-the-art inkjet printer. After the pattern is applied, the glaze is applied to protect the tiles. The high pressure combined with high firing temperature exceeding 1200 °C results in a highly compact & strong ceramic surface. After firing with a high temperature in kiln ceramic tiles takes one step further to its final form. The next phase is polishing and squaring. Our strong quality control team check each and every tile and separate tiles from product line which does not match our standards. We need to perform serval kind of test here likewise glossiness test, size and edge test, surface smoothness and dimensions check regularly. Before shorting and batching some of the important lab tests are also perform likewise water absorption test, breaking strength of tile, linear thermal, frost resistance, stretch harness, surface flatness test perform by highly qualified quality control team.

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