Polished Porcelain

Polished porcelain tiles are allowing the tile body to show through the face of the tile. The result is a deeper, more realistic dimension. Polished porcelain tiles are known for that their hardness and durability give them good chip resistance. However, in the event that you chip the tile, it has a backup plan. If it is a full-bodied tile, the area exposed by the chip will be the same colour as the tile. Glazed Porcelain tiles are made from using pure, selected raw materials mixed using the most advanced extraction and sorting techniques. Water and raw materials mix together until a sand-like consistency is reached. Recipes vary slightly however feldspar, clay, silica sand and other materials are included in the mixture. Then a spray dryer removes the excess moisture from the mixture until the perfect consistency is reached before the mixture is moved into a press.

Pressing with highly efficient hydraulic presses up to specific pressures more than 500 kg/cm2. The high pressure combined with high firing temperature exceeding 1200 °C results in a highly compact & strong ceramic surface with very low water absorption lower than 0.1%  and extremely high mechanical resistance average value exceeding 50 N/mm2.

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