Indian Ceramic Industry At Glance

We all are made from the same elements no matter how different we look.

We all molded from the same clay. No matter how different they seem. Some are dreamers some realists. Some love creativity. Others prefer utility. Artists their hearts our scientific minds. No matter who we are where we are. Ceramics are an integral part of our lives.

Global ceramics market is growing exponentially with a significant escalation in every segment. It is expected to reach a warping scale of 287 billion dollars by 2022. Indian ceramics industry ranks second in the world producing 12.9% of the global output and Morbi a small yet highly significant town plays a key role in this achievement.

One of the three big ceramics clusters across the world. Morbi produces 90% of the ceramic products in India. Beyond an industry ceramics and becoming an integral part of Morbi s culture. Interwoven

No wonder the Morbi Ceramic cluster has grown in leaps and bounds in the last two decades. There has been a phenomenal expansion in infrastructure as well as output. In 1994 there were 30 units producing 5 million square meters per annum. And today that a 700 plus unit producing approximately sixteen hundred million square meters per annum. The industry is vibrant as well as versatile with expertise ranging from a wide variety of tiles in eclectic designs to sanitary ware.

The industrial ceramic and technical ceramic products Gujarat is a state renowned for it’s business conducive environment and encouraging policies. One of the key factors enabling the exemplary development of the ceramics industry is the support from the government in 2008 government of Gujarat installed an industrial gas line in the city. Uninterrupted power supply from G.E.B. and easy availability of raw materials make Morbi the ideal destination for ceramics production. Fortunately, this ideal destination has been at the strategic location near two major seaports Mundra and Kandla. Hence the transportation is cheaper for exports of finished products as well as the import of machinery and inputs.

The art and craft of ceramic manufacturing isn’t the blood of local laborers beyond employment it’s their passion labor resources that available at a very reasonable cost. The industry employs have 12000 designers with a flair for ceramics design and art intrinsic to the culture of Morbi on the whole. More to be ceramics cluster provides direct and indirect employment over 1million people across India. The State of the art infrastructure includes 700 plus manufacturing units spread within a stripe of 40 kilometers by 7kilometers area with a total installed capacity of 4.38 million sqm per day.

Even when manufacturing on a massive scale quantity has never been achieved at the cost of quality the quality standards are at par with international standards. Morbi has been entitled as a town of export excellence DEE by the Commerce Ministry of Government of India with the exports has crossed over 1000 crores.

With the dawn of the 21st century. The son of young millionaire entrepreneurs draws on Morbi’s horizon. Young Turks with a legacy of entrepreneurial spirit and knowhow futuristic technologies are now leading the ceramic industry.

Morbi has taken a quantum leap with tech-savvy. Highly automated production facilities Morbi ceramics Bester is characterized by intrepid growths. Unfazed by the global recession the cluster achieved a 30% increase in exports and a 20% rise in industrial output in 2015-16.

And these benchmarks will be raised in the years to come. Morbi seemingly a small town in Gujarat. Is not small in any aspect. Not just an ideal destination but rather a one-stop destination for a comprehensive range of ceramics products. Growing not just as a cluster but rather as a global ceramics hub. Ready to make its mark at the global platform.

Indian Ceramic Industry is one of the third big clusters of ceramics across the world. the industrial area produces ceramic wall & floor tiles, vitrified tiles, polished glazed vitrified tiles, twin charged tiles, multicolor charged tiles in various formats starting from 20×40 cm to 160×320 cm big slabs in a wide range of designs and colours. it also produces sanitary ware, industrial ceramics and technical ceramic products.

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