Glazed Porcelain

Versatile and elegant, porcelain floor tiles are an innovative product that is gaining popularity among homeowners, builders, and interior designers. Created from super-fine porcelain clay and fired at a higher temperature than ordinary ceramic tile, porcelain tiles are dense and tough and made for today’s demanding applications both indoors and out Glazed Porcelain tiles are made from using pure, selected raw materials mixed using the most advanced extraction and sorting techniques. Water and raw materials mix together until a sand-like consistency is reached. Recipes vary slightly however feldspar, clay, silica sand and other materials are included in the mixture.

Then a spray dryer removes the excess moisture from the mixture until the perfect consistency is reached before the mixture is moved into a press. Pressing with highly efficient hydraulic presses up to specific pressures more than 500 kg/cm2.The raw materials are placed in a dryer to remove moisture, readying the tiles for the Glazing After the tiles have dried, the next step is to add the pattern and colors using a state-of-the-art inkjet printer. After the pattern is applied, the glaze is applied to protect the tiles. High firing temperature exceeding 1200 °C results in a highly compact & strong ceramic surface with very low water absorption lower than 0.1%  and extremely high mechanical resistance average value exceeding 50 N/mm2.

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